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List Of NeoBanks
Neobanks List

Here is the list of most notable and well established top NeoBanks around the world, sometimes referred to as Digital-only banks, Mobile-only banks or App-only banks.

USA | EUROPE | United Kingdom | Asia-Pacific | Australia |South-America | India

List Of NeoBanks
Neobank Regions / Countries
Judo Bank Australia
Tyro Payments Australia
Volt Bank Australia
CommBank Neo Australia
Avenue (SME Neobank) Australia
Xinja Australia
UP Australia
86400 Australia
NuBank Brazil
Banco Original Brazil
Banco Inter Brazil
Koho Canada
ZAG Bank Canada
NorthOne (SME Neobank) Canada /USA
MYBank China
Lunar Denmark
Dopay Egypt
n26 E.U, United States
Dofinance E.U
Nibble Finance E.U
Fintelum E.U
NeoFinance E.U
Vialet E.U
Scallop (Defi Neobank) E.U
DynaPay (Business Neobank) France, Spain, Germany, EU
Hello bank! France
Shine France
Anytime France
Holvi (SME Neobank) Finland
Monestro Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia
Xpence Gulf (U.A.E)
Neat (SME Neobank) Hong Kong
MOX Bank Hong Kong
NiYO India
Airtel Payments Bank India
digibank By DBS India
Finin India
FamPay India
Open (Business Neobank) India
InstantPay India
Streak Card (Neobank for Teenagers) India
Yodaa (Neobank for Teenagers) India
Soldo Italy
Jibuan Bank Japan
Yamada Bank Japan
Sumishin Net Bank Japan
Jal Neobank Japan
Kakao Bank Korea
NeoFinance Lithuania
Albo Mexico
Robocred Mexico
Bunq Netherlands
Tonik Bank Philippines
mBank Poland
Tinkoff Bank Russian Federation
Sovcom Bank Russian Federation
Rocket Bank Russian Federation
Aspire (SME Neobank) Singapore
Lotus Sirilanka
Bnext Spain, Europe
P.F.C. Sweden
Gimi Sweden
Mashreq Neo U.A.E
220 Bank United Kingdom
3s Money United Kingdom, Netherland, Luxembourg, Denmark and Germany
Atom Bank United Kingdom
Monzo United Kingdom
Revolut (Business Neobank) United Kingdom, Australia, USA
Starling Bank United Kingdom
Curve United Kingdom
Tandem United Kingdom
Tide bank United Kingdom
Vybe (Neobank for Teenagers) United Kingdom
Tally United Kingdom
Aspiration United States
UnifiMoney United States
RoosterMoney (Neobank for Teenagers) United States
JUNO United States
Douugh United States
Simple United States
AXOS United States
Chime United States
NOVO United States
VARO (Business Neobank) United States
STASH United States
GOBank United States
Mercury United States
Relay (SME Neobank) United States
Rho (Business Neobank) United States
LiLi (Freelancers Neobank) United States
Jeff App Vietnam
NeoBank Market is a listing platform created for readers to make informed investment decisions. This list also contains some of the new and emerging DeFi Neobanks. Last Updated September -2021

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